Research & Development
In addition to a large selection of ready-for-market formulas, our experienced team of food scientists will be happy to develop your delicious individual formula.

Taylored to your wishes

Our team of experienced nutritionists know exactly what is important when launching a product. With us you are able to develop your custom formula with your own focus in mind.

Expertise of our Research and Development Team:

  • High Protein fully plant-based
  • Chocolate but vegan
  • Natural Energy from Guarana, Matcha and more
  • Savory flavors
  • Less Sugar and Low Sugar
  • High Fiber
  • Organic and association products
  • Functional food


All our products are gluten-free – clean labeling is one of our fundamental principles

Large Portfolio with market-ready formulas

You can choose from a variety of over 650 different fully tested formulas. Furthermore it is possible to individually adapt existing formulas according to your wishes. Your Benefits:  • Custom recipe formulation  • Custom recipe formulation  • Adaptation or adoption of existing formulas possible  • Optimization according to your wishes possible  • Over 650 different formulas to choose from

No matter what you decide:

Prototypes / Samples

We produce prototypes in a specially designed plant to ensure that the development of your sample is as close as possible to your final product.

Raw material consulting and research

Our team knows what it takes to give products added value. We also source unusual raw materials and are happy to include your raw material requirements.

Nutritional value analyses

We are happy to advise you with qualified in-depth information about nutritional values, targets, allergens, or the nutriscore of your product based on our extensive database.